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Physical Therapy: Is It Effective?

Physical Therapy: Is It Effective?

We all heard about how physical therapy works. Some even think that this is just a placebo effect. But when you ask a medical expert, you would be amazed at all the science involved in physical therapy.

Your therapists are conducting exercises and activities that are not based on opinion, but it is heavily backed up with studies and facts.

If you are one of those people who currently recover from a stroke, surgery, and other major injuries, then you will probably undergo physical therapy. Hence, these are three reasons why physical therapy is helpful in treating your condition.

  1. It saves you from another surgery
    Physical therapy is already a kind of treatment. It is a customized program for the patient that will ensure that their injuries are treated in a manner that it is responsive to their needs. There are instances wherein a patient may experience muscle pains or their joints may not be soft enough to move. In these conditions, it is necessary that you follow a particular routine in order for you to be able to gradually bring back the condition of the bones and muscles.
  2. It is an effective means to improve muscle function
    Another goal of physical therapy is to improve muscle function. By this, we mean it helps strengthen your bones and muscles because of the activity that you are performing. This is some sort of exercise focused mainly on getting you back on your feet in no time. Moreover, physical therapy is also very beneficial for those who are currently recovering from injuries. There are therapy programs offered at Home Health Connection Inc., a renowned provider of Home Health in Worthington OH. We make sure that our activities and exercises are catered to your needs. We first assess the condition of your mobility, range of motion, muscle function, as well as the capability of the body to perform strenuous exercises. At the end of our programs, we hope to provide you with rehabilitative results that will foster continuous recovery for as long as it is needed.
  3. It can help manage other age-related diseases
    Because therapy is a form of exercise, other parts of the body will also be greatly benefited. When you get into physical therapy, you will not just be trained to walk again or use your muscles efficiently. Instead, it involves an overall lifestyle change for the patient to become completely healthy.

Hence, physical therapy can also help patients with diabetes or heart problems. We can train them to be more disciplined with their food consumption, as well as their activities. This is greatly helpful to the overall improvement of the body’s function.

Physical therapy is one of the services under our Rehabilitation program. To know more about physical therapy and other skilled clinical services that we offer, ask our experts at Home Health Connection Inc. For details, you can check our website at or call us today at 614-839-4545.

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