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A nurse taking note of her patient testimonials

Below are letters from our clients regarding our services.

I want to share my admiration for the service that Deborah Hagens gives to my Mother, Florence Richards. We could not request anyone who demonstrates more professionalism. Deborah is well organized, efficient and effective. She arrives according to the schedule she and my sister, Janice Smith have arranged. She performs her assigned tasks with a positive attitude and with alacrity.

But this is not the most important reason why I value her. Deborah treats my Mother with respect and an earnest manner of caring. She has enabled my Mother to retain her dignity and self respect. Too many times we see reports of people misusing or demeaning the elders for which they are supposed to care. My Mother is a very proud and independent person. As her health has diminished, so has her ability to maintain her independence. Deborah has managed to give my Mother tender care and support while letting her keep her spirit of individual determination. She engages her in conversations, and is never condescending or treats my Mother as a child.

Please understand, this letter is not based on one observation. Deborah has supported my Mother and provided home service for the past three years. This has been my observation every time I visit from Denver, Colorado. I would hope that all of your employees are as exemplary as Deborah.

Jo B.

We just wanted you to know how thankful we are for ALL your help during this RSV season. You went above and beyond to work out our situation making sure Cody received his medicine in time and that we were only charged for the medicine used. You made ALL the appropriate phone calls and made a difficult situation very easy on our part! That is something we will always remember. Thanks again for everything!

– Staci H.

I just want to express our gratitude to HHC staff for taking such good care of my mother during her battle from a debilitating stroke. From the nurses-aids to the nursing staff to the physical therapists to the speech therapist, they were all professionals and more importantly caring about my mother’s condition. They celebrated her achievements and encouraged us when she stepped back. In fact my Mom would look forward to these visits because the HHC staff became like her own family members. Thank you for the wonderful care you provided my mother, we truly appreciate it.

– Zari T.

I would like to call to your attention, on behalf of myself, Joann P, Mary P, and Vicne P the outstanding service that Margaret F has been giving us these past nine months. At the same time, I would like to express my appreciation for the coordinator, Tina at Home Health Connection, for her hlep in finding us such good people.

Margaret has been the most reliable, punctual, home health aide we have ever had. She has never called in sick or needed a substitute. Her personal grooming and hygiene care for Mary is excellent and also her homemaking sills.

Margaret never fails to call to my attention any physical concerns she has for Mary, such as new bruises anywhere or swollen ankles. She is also so patient with Mary’s failing memory and knows how to calm Mary down whenever she maybe experiencing heart palpitations due to her atria fibrillation condition. Margaret’s cheerfulness and confidence really puts us all at ease.

Vince and I feel very comfrotable leaving Mary in Margaret’s care so that we can go away together for the time that she is here. This means so much to us because it is the only time we get to go anywhere together we never leave Mary home alone, one of us always has to be here.

Cherry the nursing supervisor is also wonderful and we really enjoy her visits. I cant tell enough how much we appreciate your help and support.

– Joann P.