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5 Secrets to Enjoy Exercise in Your Golden Years


Home Health Connection, Inc. shares these best-kept secrets to maintain a healthy body as you age:

  • Get started with easy exercise routines. Keep an active life in your senior years without going through overly strenuous exercise routines. Light exercise is the best way to restore your physical health and get your body moving.

    Skip the treadmills and heavyweights – We aren’t working on our summer bodies anymore. Instead, look into special exercise tools like light dumbbells and other senior-friendly exercise aids. This can keep you up and about and rebuild your strength slowly and easily. Once you’ve reached your zenith, you can work your way up from there.

    Tip: Always consult your physician first before trying any exercise.

  • Play with balls. Since we’re immersing in the discussion of physical activity, we might as well introduce you to some types of balls that can be ideal for your healthy lifestyles.

    Have you heard about exercise balls and medicine balls? These circular tools of training are great to keep your mobility and flexibility in check while adding a little fun to your activities. As a rule of thumb, you need to start small. So, begin with handballs to exercise your hands and wrists and then step up to the bigger ones.

    Sports balls are also excellent aids for physical activities. Dribbling, passing, or throwing balls can work your muscles too.

  • Enjoy gardening. The idea of growing a plant and witnessing it bloom beautifully in your backyard makes gardening a rewarding experience to many seniors. While they’re breathing fresh air and enjoying their work, they also help their bodies stay active without overexerting their health.

    Tap into your creative outlet and design your garden. You can check online for inspirations and ideas in designing your garden or in choosing the best plants and/or veggies to grow.

  • Hit the waters. Water activities will always be one of the most engaging pursuits to everyone. But do you know that swimming is the best activity to work on all of your body muscles? It’s no wonder why people who wish to lose weight or get back in shape want to hit the waters very often.

    If swimming is too much for you, you can enjoy other water aerobics every week. See the amazing results later on. Just don’t forget to wear the right swimming gears to make each activity comfortable on your part.

  • Do something fun! Try doing some active games that will keep you smiling and energized for hours. If you’ve been sporty in your younger years, stretch your muscles by playing golf, kicking that soccer ball, or getting in the pool.

    Exercising is very important to keep your aging bodies in tiptop shapes, but sweating out and actually having fun can mean the difference. It’ll make you look forward to your next physical activity and increase your chances of keeping it a habit. If dancing makes you feel better and energized than jogging, then play your favorite tune and sway to the rhythm.

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