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4 Daily Activities That Couple as Exercises for Elderly Citizens

Exercise is an essential and indispensable component of human life. According to health experts, age is not an excuse to maintain this necessity. Naturally, our baby boomers have to comply. However, their age and physical stature will somehow affect their proper and easy compliance. Is there nothing left that they can do?

Fortunately, there are basic yet effective tasks that can be performed by our frail elderlies. When executed properly, our seniors can stay in shape. Listed below are some chores that Home Health Connection, Inc. found to be effective exercises too. Being a Home Health in Worthington, OH for many years already, we can attest to its wondrous benefits.

  • Washing the dishes.

    Disclaimer: This chore can effectively count as an exercise if a senior will not wash excessive amount of dishes. As our grannies scrub plates and glasses, their upper limb is involved. It will require them to exert back and arm strength. Along the way, their arms and forearms gain muscular endurance.

  • Gardening.

    This hobby is perfect for fitness and botanic enthusiasts. Aside from the activation of Vitamin D due to sun exposure, gardening allows the seniors to use their entire body. Though they are not doing it on purpose, they can gain better blood circulation due to active and brisk movements. Carrying pots and gardening materials help improve their bone and muscle strength. Plus, garden soil often contains good bacteria that ups the immune system.

  • Cooking.

    Skip the pizza and Chinese food deliveries because the kitchen will be fully utilized tonight. Cooking helps seniors sweat a good amount of calorie. Though they may not be seen moving a lot, the heat of the flame is enough to get them dripping. What’s more, cooking is not only an exercise for the body. It is for the brain too! It helps the baby boomers become mentally sharper and more creative.

  • Car washing.

    Every now and then, it is good if we allow our grandpas and elderly dads to take care of their mechanical babies. Other than the fact that we make them feel independent and purposeful, we are also helping them become stronger and more flexible. Cleaning a vehicle is not an easy job. It requires power and delicateness at the same time. It also packs a good sweat too. Just make sure that you keep an eye on them always.

Back pains and all sort of aches may be caused by muscle tension and stress. A very helpful solution to that problem is Physical therapy. In the sessions, the patients will be assessed and tested. After which, sets of programs will be decided to specifically address their persistent health issues. And if that is the case, you can always count on Home Health Connection, Inc.

We will not promise perfection and flawlessness, rather, expect us to deliver services that are made straight from the heart! For your queries and other concerns, please hit the “Contact Us” button in the top portion of the screen.

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